Knowing where you are is the first step in every journey.

Phase 1: Awareness

The credit union has not yet made any clear or public commitments to corporate social responsibility. A dedicated team of wants to build momentum for sustainability and gain the support of an executive sponsor.

Goal: Create goodwill and momentum

Staffing: Team of like minded employees & volunteers

Funding: None or low level funding


There is growing excitement and support for sustainability, but it is not yet part of the business plan holistically. To progress, the credit union must show the ROI of corporate social responsibility and make a business case.

Goal: Build a business case for sustainability

Staffing: Team with a strong executive sponsor

Funding: Department level funding for official team or local events


The credit union has made the strategic decision to pursue sustainable business practices, but has not yet determined what is material and how to make an impact. The credit union will need to acquire or build sustainability expertise.

Goal: Make an organizational commitment to sustainability corporate social responsibility

Staffing: Full executive team buy in toward sustainability

Funding:  Corporate funding for sustainability consulting, staffing or training


The credit union has set material goals that align to established best practice frameworks and standards, and is now working to achieve those goals across the organization.

Goal: Align to best practices – set and measure progress toward material goals

Staffing: Full organizational buy in toward sustainability to achieve shared goals

Funding: Sustainability is built into the business plan and considered a key performance indicator


The credit union is publishing impact reports and progress toward goals, and is engaging its community and the credit union industry as a whole to advance shared goals.

Goal: Publish impact reports and engage in movement building

Staffing: Partner with internal and external resources to achieve shared goals

Funding: Memberships or other funding supports best practice research, industry and/or advocacy organizations