Wednesday 14 June
12:00 – 13:00 New York time

Join us for a unique World Refugee Day experience!

We’ll focus on how:

  • Credit unions are ideally suited to assist refugees rebuild their lives in a new homeland
  • We can promote financial inclusion with empathy and understanding
  • Community workforce development support for refugee artisans creates opportunities
  • Effective strategies can be used to recruit and hire more bilingual staff


  • Spotlight: The Green Equity Initiative, BECU
  • Presentation: Serving Refugees in the Credit Union Industry – Insights and Best Practices
  • Q&A: Refugee & Social Justice wins and challenges
  • Updates: Climate risk mitigation and the NCUA comment letter

Special Guests:

  • Jennifer Esperanza, PhD, Senior Director of Organizational Culture and Strategy, Coopera Consulting
  • Natasha Rivers, PhD, Sustainability & Measurement Director, BECU
  • Tim Martin, Sustainability Program Manager, BECU


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